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[Note: I had been helping to care for 5 of 6 kittens who were orphaned
at 2 days old when their Mama was killed by a car. (The littlest one died 
before I had a chance to meet him/her.) Angel, a little orange tabby
with a patch of cream across the back of her neck, died lying across my 
chest ten minutes after I had said a prayer to God that, if she
had to die, to take her soon and not let her suffer too long.] 


(b. 6/27/2001; d. 7/9/2001)

Rest, my little Angel, rest,
Cradled safe upon my breast
While day is dark’ning in the West;
Rest, my little Angel, rest.

Sleep, my little Angel, sleep,
Death’s shadow ever closer creeps;
You were never mine to keep,
Sleep, my little Angel, sleep.

Dream, my little Angel, dream,
God sent down a Heavenly beam
And touched you with a patch of cream;
Dream, my little Angel, dream.

Wake, my little Angel, wake,
For angels come your soul to take
To the Rainbow Bridge across the lake;
Wake, my little Angel, wake.

Rise, my little Angel, rise
On gossamer wings into the skies,
Your Mama waits with welcome cries;
Rise, my little Angel, rise.

~ ©Linda E. Newman ~
©used with permission
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The midi is Heaven's Heartbeat by ©Night Angel.  It is used with permission.  Visit Night Angel's wonderful site here.