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Heaven's Shore

When the rapids of life overwhelm
And there's no captain at the helm
And the safety of the shores so far away;
When my tears are falling like rain,
Each lightning bolt stabs me with pain
And from the course of life I've gone astray;

When life's storms have taken their toll,
When the sea billows over me roll,
And the thunder from on high drowns out my cries;
When there's no place left to turn,
For the peace of death I yearn,
And the raging of the wind smothers my sighs;

Then my eyes, oh Lord, turn to thee,
I send Heavenward my fervent plea
That you will steady my ship throughout the storm;
And you will show me the way
Toward the light of a brighter day,
When the sun will shine again my soul to warm.

But if this storm's the last
And my ship can't be made fast,
Then hold me ‘til my heart does beat no more;
Let my eyes then close in peace
And when my breath does cease
Let me find myself washed up on heaven's shore.

Linda E. Newman ~
All rights reserved   © October 20, 2002
Used with permission
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