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Itís Fatherís Day

Itís Fatherís Day again I know,
A day my spirits drop so low;
Oh Dad, why did you have to go?
I miss you so, I miss you so.

Your leaving left me at the head
Of family, I place I dread;
You may be watching overhead,
But still youíre dead, but still youíre dead.

Independent my whole life long,
Iíve always managed to be strong,
For youíd be there if things went wrong,
But now youíre gone, but now youíre gone.

No longer here to pick me up
When I stumble, when I mess up,
When Iíve too much of sorrowís cup
And would give up, and would give up.

And yet, I must go on, I must,
Eíen though this role on me was thrust,
For others look to me with trust,
I will adjust, I will adjust.

Iíll lift my head above this cloud
Of loneliness, Iíll walk unbowed,
Iíll cast aside this sorrowís shroud,
Iíll make you proud, Iíll make you proud.

Though I have lost my safety net
And life with troubles be beset,
I will forge on alone, and yet,
Iíll not forget, Iíll not forget.

I love you Daddy, I miss you so,
I wish you hadnít had to go,
And though my tears oftimes still flow,
With life Iíll glow, with life Iíll glow.

And when my time on earth is through,
When Iíve done all Iíve needed to,
Iíll spread my wings, weíll meet anew,
Iíll be with you, Iíll be with you!

~ Happy Father's Day Daddy!   I love you . . . I miss you . ~

Linda E. Newman  ~
All rights reserved. Used with permission
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