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Lift Up Your Eyes

When you are lonely and can't find a friend
When faith has gone astray,
When your life seems empty and nearing it's end
Lift up your eyes and pray.

When your days are empty with nothing left,
Dark clouds obscure the sun;
When love has fled, left your heart bereft;
Remember God's only Son.          

When your life’s in turmoil, your spirit aching, 
When hope is growing dim;
When your soul is empty, your heart is breaking,
Reach out your hand to Him.

For He walks beside you each and every day,
Ready to comfort you;
If only you'll life up your heart and pray,
He will your faith renew.

He will bring rainbows after the rain,
Sunshine after the storm;
Open your heart and hand over your pain,
Come into His arms safe and warm.

Linda Newman ~
Used with authors permission