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On Me You Can Depend

My friend, when your worldís in 
turmoil and
You feel you cannot cope,
When your sun is gone behind dark clouds
And you have lost all hope,

Then come to me, my friend, into
The safety of my arms;
Rest your head upon my shoulder where
Iíll keep you safe from harm.

Iíll hold you ítil the trembling stops,
íTil you can catch your breath;
Until the fog has cleared and you
No longer think of death.

Iíll trace my finger down your cheek
And gently wipe your tears;
Then we can sit awhile and talk
Until Iíve calmed your fears.

Then softly I will sing to you
íTil your eyes close in rest,
And while you sleep, I will be near 
In case you wake distressed.

So when your worldís in chaos and
You feel youíve reached the end,
Just fall into my open arms;
On me you can depend.

~ Linda Newman ~
©used with permission,
©October 18, 2002
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The song is an original composition entitled Tears On A Rose by composer 
and performer Elan Michaels. Please feel free to visit his wonderful site right HERE.