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Sorrow's Road

When you travel sorrow's road,
Burdened with life's heavy load,
So weary that you feel you cannot stand;
You must stop to rest awhile,
Dig down deep and find a smile,
Then reach and grab ahold His proffered hand.

We're not meant to walk wind blown,
Down this road of life alone,
For a burden shared makes for a lighter load;
But it's up to you to trust
He won't leave you in the dust,
Or desert you when you reach the next crossroad.

When you feel you've reached the end,
None on whom you can depend,
And the storms within threaten to overwhelm;
Then drop to your knees and pray
For a new and brighter day,
Then release your load, to Him give up the helm.

He's been there right by your side
Through life's long and bumpy ride,
And sometimes He's even carried you a ways;
But until you let Him in
Let Him wash away your sin,
You'll feel naught but pain and heartache all your days.
©Linda E. Newman
All rights reserved. Useed with author's permissison
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Music "God Grant Us Peace"
Used with permission  Bruce DeBoar