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Teach Me Lord

When fear and darkness cause my soul to grieve,
When hope is gone and I have lost my way
And deepest doubt upon my mind does lay,
Come to me, Lord, and teach me to believe.

When hatred rains like hail from skies above,
And Satanís legions fall upon my back,
And in my heart compassion do I lack,
Come to me, Lord, and teach me to have love.

When storms descend upon me without cease
And sorrow throws a veil across the sun;
When life is such thereís nowhere left to run,
Come to me, Lord, and help me to find peace.
And when I feel my faith slipping away
Come hold me, Lord, teach me once more to pray.

Author: ©Linda E. Newman
All rights reserved. Used with author's permission
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Music "Keeper Of Dreams"
Used with permission  Bruce DeBoar