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Daddies are so big and strong,
There's nothing they can't do,
So when they fall upon their knees
To pray, 'twas then I knew
That even daddies have someone
That they can look up to,
Someone to kiss their hurts away
And tell their troubles to.
Such a wonderful example
It sets for me and you . . .
When daddies pray.

It proves that there is someone else
That's stronger than a daddy,
And though we can't see Him, we know
He watches you and me
From somewhere in the clouds above
So that we can be free
To live our lives in faith and love,
And I bet that you'll agree
That it strengthens so a family . . .
When daddies pray.


Author ~ ©  Linda Newman 
All rights reserved. - Used with permission
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Music "When The Angels Are Near"
Used with permissison  Bruce DeBoar