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When Tomorrow Comes

When tomorrow comes I hope I have the strength
To face whatever may be waiting there;
Whether it be a pebble in my path,
Or a gigantic boulder standing there.

Thereíve been so many trials in my past,
Iím only just beginning now to live;
And so, my Lord, I offer up my sins,
For I know that You have promised to forgive.

When tomorrow comes, oh Lord, please hold my hand
And give me strength to make it through the day;
Renew my faith and help me understand
The stumbling blocks that may be in my way.

And when the day is done, and sun has set,
And a coolness settles in the air,
Please let me not forget to give you thanks,
For, every time I need you, Lord, Youíre there.


By Linda E. Newman © 2004
All rights reserved.
Used with permission
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Music By:  Bruce DeBoar



Recreated with love
July 19, 2004